About Us
Who we are.

Red Rock industries, founded in October of 2001 by Dom Del Monaco is a Long Island based General contractor that self performs in site work, utilities, structural steel, concrete and other miscellaneous trades.

Red Rock specializes in a complete client experience, helping assist in the whole process from pre design to design, permitting, building and finish out/close out.

Our goal is to give the ownership a stress free process. By hiring someone they can trust, we are able to partner with our clients rather than working against them like so many other General Contractors.

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Why our clients keep
working with us.

We have a lot of return clients.


Because the quality and relationship we have with each of them are better than any other contractor out there. Any company can buy good equipment. Any company can perform a trade or manage a project, but not all companies can create a trusting relationship that lasts.


We exist to positively change everyone we come in contact with. Through our skills in construction we eagerly look to bring positive change to the whole industry.


Build a family of the best humans on the planet to bring life to our vision through our work.

Safety through accountability

Safety culture is guided through our accountability on one another. Our teams always look out for each other and know that they need to keep their teammates accountable. None of us are perfect, but with a team that looks out for each other, we can come close.

Built by

Our team is our family and our team's family are our family. Family is extremely important at Red Rock and knowing that we are able to push so hard at what we do because we are doing it for them, our legacy makes us more lethal at our trades.

Constructing Relationships

It isn't only our leadership who create relationships with our clients. It is our team. No matter what position, our team are people who love building relationships with others.

Perfection through Perspective

Our perspective is that perfection will never be reached, but if we continue to reach for it we will be continually better every day.

Our Culture.
with Us