Meet our owner.

Dom Del Monaco comes from a long family history of hard working Americans. Built on the values that make Red Rock who they are today, Dom recognizes that the care for people, both clients and employees are most important.

When a company focuses on building their people up, there is nothing that it can't accomplish.

Dom founded Red Rock in October of 2001 and built the foundation of his company to succeed through good and hard times. Even through the economic issues surrounding 2007/2008, Dom was able to fortify the existing foundation and keep the growth of his business. Today, Dom continues to build the legacy of Red Rock Industries through his people and family.

Our Work
Dom Del Monaco
Our Work
Recent Projects.
Steel Equities – Mineola
Porsche of Amityville
Lexus of Freeport
Altice Mobile
Woodbury Crossing
Honda of Stamford
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